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Stanley Park bike ride with Scouts

Stanley park ride-list Stanley park ride-map option a
As a Scouter (Scouts as well as Cubs) for the 21st Capilano Scouts, I get to plan some events with the Patrols. I like to take ideas they have tie them into the natural world around us... to, hopefully, make everyone become more aware of the world outside our doors and computer screens. It's small steps, I admit, but it's nice seeing how many of them respond to something as simple as a "scavenger" hunt in the forest.
Tie that into a bike ride that goes a bit "off road" (guided...planned...etc.) and you get a bunch of happy, tired kids that have learned a bit about the world around.
For instance, some kids didn't know about Salmon berries.. their different colours... etc.
I like Scouts.

Exploring the beach

West Coast shapes Private beach West Coast Lines
Camp time on the beach on Galiano Island. Exploring the multitude of shapes and spaces that this landscape creates. Always a pleasure to intrigue the spatial and design sections of the mind.

Seeing from the other side

Otto on lionsgate far
I always wondered what I would look like to someone on a cruise ship looking up as they passed beneath the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. Now I do.
Thanks, Eddie!

Architecture School

House 4-top model
When I was young, I helped build the houses we lived in... And on rainy afternoons were spent flipping through 1, 2 and 3 bedroom house plan books my dad had lying around the house. In my mind I walked through those spaces... questioning some design moves... seeing how layouts worked and didn't. Architectural thought had started at an early age.

My formal Architecture education began at the Carleton University School of Architecture in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was to last six, intense, mind-expanding years.

Finding a sketch from 2003

990323-watch and text
Flipping through an old sketchbook... seeing these words that still make me think. I also made think that I haven't worn a watch in so many years! :-D

Do not try to find those days lost between these pages for they are forever gone. No mark was made upon hose days. No record was kept of the air temperature, wind speed, or precipitation amount. Those numbers and figures are lost. But, even had I recorded all those numbers, had I chosen a location which held some significance such as the top of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris or the font porch of my apartment or.... what would those numbers and figures have meant to someone (even myself. "hello self. This is you, in a coffee shop at age 34.") in the future? Numbers, data, squiggles on the pages. And?
The journey is not the arrival but the anticipation of the unknown.
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