Moved up to Integra Architecture

Moved up to Integra architecture. Got some great work here to do. Tons of great projects!.


Senior Associate at Ciccozzi Architecture

Barringtonwalkth 001
I am now a Senior Associate at Ciccozzi Architecture Inc. There's a lot to do here. A lot of great projects to design and get just right. A lot of great clients to make even happier with projects that will move everyone forward.


Clark Park: Occupancy

Img 2147 Img 2159 Img 2161 Img 2166
Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.

Another project I have the opportunity to make in 3D BIM in Vectorworks right from the start -- from initial sketches to contract admin... Clark Park (Knight & 15th in Vancouver). A 5 story, 51 unit, wood, rental apartment building.
It made occupancy just a few days before this photo. They're cleaning things up now inside... touching up the paint...making it look really nice.


European refresher

13774357 1367090556638998 1224929028 n Dsc 0041 Dsc 0136 Img 8718 Img 8756 Dsc 0205 Img 9164 Dsc 0239 Img 0853 Dsc 0293 Img 9256 Dsc 0399 Dsc 0513 Dsc 0434 Img 8808 Img 0083 Img 9822 Img 9996
August was a time to take time with family as well as refresh the architectural roots of the soul. A trip to Paris, then Switzerland and finally 3 long stops in Italy... ending with Rome.
Seeing the way the modern day integrated into the past with my own eyes was inspirational. Taking in Swiss design and understanding how it complements, simplifies and enhances peoples lives and experiences was a special treat. Watching how Rome functioned as both a tourist mecca and Capital city where the work day world weaves in and around... just mind expanding.
And the food was good all over!


Clark Park: June 06, 2016 Progress

1408-e15th-deck-june06 1408-e15th-entry-june06 1408-e15th-stair-june06
Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
June, 06, 2016

Another project I have the opportunity to work on from initial sketches to contract admin... Clark Park (Knight & 15th in Vancouver). It will be a 5 story, 51 unit, wood, rental apartment building.
At this stage, they are starting to tie down the 2nd floor prefabricated walls. The Parkade and main floor, suspended concrete slab were completed just a few weeks ago. The weather sure helped out with all that sunshine!
This team is working well together to tie in all the different trades so we don't run into issues the higher up we get.
Again, I made this project 3D BIM in Vectorworks right from the start. That really helps when working out how all the tight spots come together, where the materials change, window and door counts, area calculations, etc.


Brownstones: June 06, 2016 Progress

4344 knight-block-a and character 4344 knight-character-side 4344 knight-block-a
Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
June, 06, 2016

Work is humming along on the Brownstones at Knight and 27th in Vancouver. The roof of Block A is up to protect it from the coming rains so now the interiors can be worked on.
Block B will follow shortly and will probably go up just a bit faster now that the team has a pattern going.

The Character Building renovation is also making some good progress. But, as always, integrating new construction with old always has it's challenges! Needless to say, this team is great when faced with the challenges and the project is looking great. It's looking to be a great little building.


Shapes in nature

Snow on the tree Bubbles in the ice
Everywhere one turns in nature, one finds intriguing shapes that can give us inspiration.
One may ask... Organic Architecture or just "crazy shapes"?
Frank Lloyd Wright used the term "Organic Architecture" yet his forms didn't dwell into the realm of Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry.

Here's an interesting link: Organic Forms in Architecture... if not just for the photos.


What intrigues an Architect’s mind?

West Coast shapes
Walking along a west coast beach brings many shapes and spaces to intrigue the Architect's mind...


University Drawings

School work
Renovations can bring about some good things. In my case, I "unearthed" quite a repository of my Architecture School drawings. At least those which had been worth keeping and dragging across the country; finding storage for in a small apartment; protecting from more moves; etc.
Now comes the scanning and sorting of the images!


Architect AIBC

Wbmttgj0 400x400
Well. After all this time, I am now, officially, an Architect.

Otto Lejeune, Architect AIBC

Feels good.


Edible Berries of British Columbia

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 8.43.45 am Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 8.43.34 am
Truth be told, I love the taste of wild berries. And, being in British Columbia, I finally decided to put together an iPhone App listing all the edible berries of B.C. that I know of.
I also add the warnings about the berries... as some of them can make you sick if you eat too many... and some have leaves that can make you sick. So, if it comes available on the Apple iTunes store, take a look (at the time of this writing, I am just submitting it...).


SLD inc. website tweaks. Full screen banner

Sld inc
The SLD website starts to take shape. Integrating a fullscreen, rotating image banner into the layout... with the images being pulled from a Content Management System database of entries. Technical gibberish, but so easy for the client to modify things in the control panel--no worries at all.
It's also a great way to present all their work right up front.
And there's more to come!
View it here


CrossFit Shell Harbour City

CrossFit Shell Harbour City
Sydney gets a new CrossFit affiliate box!
It opened... and it's website was right on time to gets it's word out there.
Onward and upwards!
More integration with facebook... commenting... communications... etc.

View the site right here.


Remember to breathe. Then keep on.

Sun on grouse Cloud covered
Cloud covered. Fog. Chance of rain.
This weekend was the Server move. Perfect weather.
Inside... staring at a computer screen... watching numbers change.. fixing invisible problems.

It was good to get outside to grab a quick hike up the mountain even in the fog and clouds.
Then the sun came out. And it felt like a weight lifting.

Stop. Look. Breathe. Carry on.


Interior Design website coming soon!

Coming Soon - SLD Inc
A brand new, fully designed website for a new Interior Design firm is in the works!
It's going to take a bit of time to get it just right as it is a brand new company and we want to get it just right.
For now... it's just a hint.

See the site right here...

Or see her LinkedIn info here


Impact CrossFit moves to WordPress

Crossfit impact Cfi-wordpress
Impact CrossFit needed a makeover (as all sites do every so often!) to keep the excitement of the visit. To that end, Wordpress seemed the easy choice to make certain aspects of the site pop, especially with it's multitude of widgets and template designs.
One thing to note: each site has it's own needs... each site is looking to draw it's own crowd or sell it's own product.
Here at ottolejeune design consulting, we look at how to get you a site that works best for you. That begins with a simple conversation about what it is you really want to get out of it all.
For CrossFit Impact, it was wordpress.

View the Wordpress driven site here

The images are those of the old Expression Engine (Build a Community through content and conversations) site and the new Wordpress (Sign up, buy in, read our literature) driven site.


The Canyon in North Vancouver. Culinary magic.

The canyon website
The Canyon has opened in North Vancouver. In Edgemont village to be exact.
It's a new restaurant with a great mindset and some awesome, yummy food to chow down on. Best of all, it's going to be a great place to have your weekend brunch, what with that good looking interior.
Meanwhile, take a look at the website we designed, laid out and coded. It's going to be growing along with the restaurant... so get ready to spend some time drinking a nice glass of wine and having a lovely brunch, lunch and dinner.

See the site right here.


CrossFit Long Island gets an update and an award!

Cf longisland update
CrossFit Longisland (CFLongisland) received and award lately... they were selected Best Gym on Longisland for 2013!
To mark the accomplishment, the website needed some updating to show off their notice. Somewhere proud and eye-catching.

See if you can spot it on their site?


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

2012 in Review
A wish for a time for making memories with loved ones, friends, and strangers.
Here's hoping for happiness, joy and laughter throughout the coming new year!

live. love. laugh.


Stuart Howard Architects website update

Www stuarthowardarchitect
The Stuart Howard Architects website had a major overhaul this last little while... and it stepped boldly into the new dawn with a easy to use and pleasant to use new, complete makeover.
The backend is a dynamic Content Management System called Expression Engine... and that helps the people in the office update the project information on the fly. It's a simple backend that they can easily understand, update and maintain, all the while letting the world see a great site.

Take a look at it right here


CrossFit Wollongong site redesign

Crossfit wollongong redesign
CrossFit Wollongong just went through a website redesign from a functional, yet uninspiring website to one which uses the whole page to show off the community that is CrossFit in Wollongong. In this redesign, the background changed from a solid background colour to an action photo which fills the entire window.
We think it looks great.
Take a look for yourself with this link to their website!


Geaux CrossFit gets a FaceBook ... face.

Geaux CrossFit [ link to their site here ] was looking to update their Espression Engine commenting system and integrate some facebook commenting into the site. We stepped up to the place... and now it's up and running and allows people to comment, not only with their facebook accounts, but their other social media accounts.


Good news about the Cambie Rowhouses… again.

A great article in the Globe and Mail from June 8th.
The Globe and Mail full entry can be found by clicking here.

The party wall issue seems to have been resolved with the City of Vancouver. Time for more Rowhouses to arrive in this great city of ours!

"...the province finally put through a small legislative amendment – it got royal assent this week – that removes a legal hurdle that had blocked freehold row housing in Vancouver. The legislation will now allow covenants to be registered on land titles requiring owners to maintain their party wall. The covenant will stay in place every time the property changes hands – something the City of Vancouver’s legal department was insistent on having before allowing freehold row houses, even though other municipalities were more permissive."


House design sketching

House trial-001-scene 1 House trial-001-scene 2
Some late night sketching in Sketchup... looking at interacting architectural spaces in house design--inside to outside... how we inhabit space. As well as having fun making some cool spaces in a fun program.


CrossFit Impact goes to 2 column

Crossfit impact
CrossFit Impact ("We are not a typical gym - you will see this when you walk through our doors."), based in Glenview, Illinois, moved from a three column site down to a more refined, two column version. With more room for entries.. along with space for facebook commenting, the site can bring more to their clients. also worked in to their site their CrossFit Kids section. Now you can simply click the side tab to switch over to either section. Simple and effective.

View the new site here


English and Spanish website in one

Irenesilvamd-english (Dr. Irene Silva's website) went live. Dr. Irene Silva is in Chicago, Illinois, USA and her website needed to be able to be presented both in English and in Spanish. We made that work perfectly for her by allowing them to post both the English and Spanish version of each entry. The user then selects the language of their choice and the Content Management System we employed presents the appropriate language.
Simple for the user.
Simple for the client.

View the site here in english.

Ver el sitio web aquí en español.


Lanecraft gets a major website facelift

120228-lanecraft, the designers and builders of Laneway housing in Vancouver, B.C., got a major website facelift and it went live at the end of February.
The new design highlights the major aspect of this design/build company's process... the final product and the great design. Rather than simple, little images to show off a portion of a project, the website is set to have those great shots completely fill the screen and immerse the viewer in their product - great design and quality.

We are quite pleased with this site and the message it conveys. We think you'll like it to.
Check it out for yourself right here and let us know!


A quick site for a good cause.  Hash House Harriers.

The Vancouver Hash House Harriers needs a quick and simple site to post their events and communications to. We gave them that plus a little bit more... added some facebook commenting along with a photo gallery. Their having some fun now!
And... the name... it's about running.

Check them out right here.


Lalanne Fitness gets a few Social Media Tweaks

1202-lalanne fitness update
Lalanne Fitness needed a couple of Social Media tweaks to their website recently (things change so fast in the Social Media realm!). For starters, we placed the icons for their main Media hotspots up in the top right corner so everyone could find them quickly and, yet, they didn't disturb from the overall workings of the site.
Added to the Social Media work on the site... there were a couple of minor tweaks throughout the code as well as a new background image to match their sweet new ride around town.

See the whole package here


More happening along the Cambie Corridor

4  large
It looks like the Cambie Rowhouses (...designed by Otto Lejeune + Thomas Frauenberger ...selected as a finalist in the 2010 Georgie Awards...) at Cambie & 33rd in Vancouver, are not going to be the newest buildings on the block for much longer. Ramsay Worden Architects, along with Mosaic is planning a huge, 5 storey apartment building to be planted to the north of the rowhouses... thus blocking that awesome view they currently have of the wonderful north shore mountains and lovely city of Vancouver. It's a pity that more thought wasn't put into the design of the new project such that views could have been better preserved... or that privacy issues better integrated. Such, it would seem, is progress.
One can only see how the city reacts to the comments by current owners to these issues... to see if the developer makes any changes to appease their future neighbours.


Pardigm CrossFit sprints out of the gate!

Paradigm crossfit
Paradigm CrossFit in San Jose, California needed a website to handle a lot of things and, with's help, the reached it.
The site is built on Expression Engine 2.x and uses the built-in Membership group settings to allow members to sign in and get more information from their coaches to help them get better in specific fields.
As well, facebook commenting, Like and other social media features are woven into the whole experience of the site.

Come visit it right here.


A new year and a new look for CrossFit LA

Crossfitla 2011
CrossFit LA started off the new year with a new, 2-column look and improved functionality.
FaceBook commenting was incorporated throughout to improve the commenting experience.

You can check out the site right here.


JM Training Website. A Website with Subscription Services

Jm training
JM Training was looking for a website which allowed people to sign up for a subscription and receive access to a part of the site where they could participate in and download specific functions.

To that end, created for them this subscription based website using Expression Engine, Open Gateway and Membrr.

Subscriptions on the site are purchased (currently) via PayPal and the website deals with the monthly payments and access to the specific areas.

Visit it right here


CrossFit Kids Wollongong goes live

Crossfit kids wollongong Cfkids wollongong bottom
The CrossFit Kids Wollongong website went "live" in August of 2010. A kid friendly CrossFit website with an easy backend control panel for the client.

Visit it here!


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