Senior Associate.  Senior Architect.

I am happy to say that I am now a Senior Associate at Ciccozzi Architecture Inc. There's a lot to do here. A lot of great projects to design and get just right. A lot of great clients to make even happier with projects that will move everyone forward.
I can't wait for what's coming.
Barringtonwalkth 001

1408 East 15th (Clark Park): Occupancy

Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.

Another project I have the opportunity to make in 3D BIM in Vectorworks right from the start -- from initial sketches to contract admin... Clark Park (Knight & 15th in Vancouver). A 5 story, 51 unit, wood, rental apartment building.
It made occupancy just a few days before this photo. They're cleaning things up now inside... touching up the paint...making it look really nice.
Img 2147 Img 2161 Img 2159

1408 East 15th (Clark Park) getting taller

Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
June, 06, 2016

Another project I have the opportunity to work on from initial sketches to contract admin... Clark Park (Knight & 15th in Vancouver). It will be a 5 story, 51 unit, wood, rental apartment building.
At this stage, they are starting to tie down the 2nd floor prefabricated walls. The Parkade and main floor, suspended concrete slab were completed just a few weeks ago. The weather sure helped out with all that sunshine!
This team is working well together to tie in all the different trades so we don't run into issues the higher up we get.
Again, I made this project 3D BIM in Vectorworks right from the start. That really helps when working out how all the tight spots come together, where the materials change, window and door counts, area calculations, etc.
1408-e15th-deck-june06 1408-e15th-entry-june06 1408-e15th-stair-june06

The Brownstones under construction

Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
June, 06, 2016

Work is humming along on the Brownstones at Knight and 27th in Vancouver. The roof of Block A is up to protect it from the coming rains so now the interiors can be worked on.
Block B will follow shortly and will probably go up just a bit faster now that the team has a pattern going.

The Character Building renovation is also making some good progress. But, as always, integrating new construction with old always has it's challenges! Needless to say, this team is great when faced with the challenges and the project is looking great. It's looking to be a great little building.
4344 knight-block-a and character 4344 knight-block-a 4344 knight-character-side 4344 knight-character

Cornwall Progress photos

Working at Stuart Howard Architects Inc.
November, 5, 2014

The project is almost complete! Entry doors are on... painting touchups on the exterior are in progress... interior millwork is getting final installs and the owner is already moving things in.
It's been quite an experience while at this office to take this project from the intial Sketches through Design Permit, Building Permit, Construction and finally Contract Admin. Being on site and seeing how their interpret your drawings makes one fully understand the importance of getting your drawings right. And, having done this project in BIM (window and door schedules being pulled directly from the model being just one of the advantages) and in 3D (so much easier to show the trades how the footings step in 3D!), it made it feel even better when things fit just right.
Cornwall-3 unit-deck Cornwall-3 unit-entry Cornwall-3 unit-main door Cornwall-3 unit-skylight


Well. After all this time, I am now, officially, an Architect.

Otto Lejeune, Architect AIBC

Feels good.

Good news about the Cambie Rowhouses… again.

The Globe and Mail full entry can be found by clicking here.

June 8, 2012
Vancouver's budding romance with row houses

Vancouver's budding romance with row houses

Monique Choptuik is photographed outside her rowhouse (left) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Thursday, June 7, 2012. (Rafal Gerszak-The Globe and Mail)
Monique Choptuik is photographed outside her rowhouse (left) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Thursday, June 7, 2012. (Rafal Gerszak/The Globe and Mail)

Monique Choptuik knew what she didn't want when she and her husband went looking for a place to live last year.

Not another single-family house on the west side like the one they'd been in the last seven years. Too big, too expensive to maintain, and too affected by the trend of investors buying houses and leaving them empty.

Cambie Street Rowhouses

Design: Otto Lejeune + Thomas Frauenberger.
Developer: Art Cowie
Owner/Builder: MYK Construction

An 80' wide lot rezoned into 3 lots. The Rowhouses average 3,000 sq.ft. with 500 sq.ft. being a Suite over the garage.

Otto Lejeune and Thomas Frauenberger are proud to be the designers of this innovative new housing project. Otto Lejeune was responsible for the Development Permit, Building Permit and Construction drawings and details for the Rowhouses project while Art Cowie had provided the original Landscape drawing work to the project.
Dsc 0001 Dsc 0003 Dsc 0005

CAD Work

Generally, I work in Vectorworks on a Mac.
42x42-01 188th Cedarhurst-03

Riverbend Seniors Community

As an Intern Architect working with Scott Gordon Architect, I designed and produced the complete DP and BP drawing sets along with detail drawings for the Riverbend Seniors Community (Located on the former Desmond Farm property in the Brocklehurst area in Kamloops, BC.).

The building (built by A&T; Project Developments) started construction in 2010 and finished in 2011.

The distinctive "crank" in the West wing of the complex was designed to allow more natural light into the main landscaping as well as allow more units to gain access to the view of the river and hills to the west.
Riverbend-a03 Riverbend-persp
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