Architecture School

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When I was young, I helped build the houses we lived in... And on rainy afternoons were spent flipping through 1, 2 and 3 bedroom house plan books my dad had lying around the house. In my mind I walked through those spaces... questioning some design moves... seeing how layouts worked and didn't. Architectural thought had started at an early age.

My formal Architecture education began at the Carleton University School of Architecture in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was to last six, intense, mind-expanding years.
First year was intense. At the end, I had placed on Carleton University's dean's education honor role.
Some of my fourth (4a) and fifth year (5a) projects were displayed at the Ontario Architects Association in Toronto, Ontario.
Both my fifth year (5b & 5b) projects had write-ups in the Electric Architect magazine in Ottawa (mar/apr and may/jun)

My final year saw me attain my Bachelor of Architecture Degree with High Distinction.
As well, I was awarded the Lieutenant Governors Award for Architecture (carleton school of architecture)
Bachelor of Architecture Degree
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