Cambie Street Rowhouses

Design: Otto Lejeune + Thomas Frauenberger.
Developer: Art Cowie
Owner/Builder: MYK Construction

An 80' wide lot rezoned into 3 lots. The Rowhouses average 3,000 sq.ft. with 500 sq.ft. being a Suite over the garage.

Otto Lejeune and Thomas Frauenberger are proud to be the designers of this innovative new housing project. Otto Lejeune was responsible for the Development Permit, Building Permit and Construction drawings and details for the Rowhouses project while Art Cowie had provided the original Landscape drawing work to the project.

Sadly, Art Cowie passed away in November of 2009. The Rowhouses, however, at this time were already out of the ground and the one along 33rd had a roof on... at least Art got to see the views from the projects that he had started and that Otto and Thomas had designed for him.

After Art Cowie passed away, Frits de Vries Architect was hired by the Owner/Builders. As MYK noted "...Frits de Vries Architect, their contribution to the project was partially in modification of landscaping to reduce the cost, interior design, working out some waterproofing details on balconies and final reviewing of some flashing and cladding materials."

The Row House project appeared in a Vancouver Sun article in August of 2010. Read it here.

For more information about the Cambie Rowhouses, visit the website about them here.

This project was selected as a finalist in the 2010 Georgie Awards.

"Although a few zero-lot-line row houses have been built in the suburbs of Vancouver, the Cowie row-house complex at Cambie and 33rd is the first high-profile experiment designed specifically to showcase fee simple as a viable building type, and could thus prove to be a revolutionary experiment.

For decades, the former MLA and city councillor had thought about and fought for the establishment of row houses that you own outright rather than communally – the kind you see throughout Montreal, Toronto, Europe and much of the rest of the world.

But in British Columbia, the legal framework makes fee-simple construction of row houses all but impossible. It’s because the provincial Land Title Act is missing a crucial provision to deal with the “party wall” – the wall you share with your next-door neighbour.

Without a party-wall provision to facilitate individual row-house ownership, the strata system – in which home buyers in effect purchase a portion of the whole complex rather than a single, discrete row house – has become entrenched as the norm in Vancouver since the late 1970s."
Adele Weder
Globe and Mail
August 6, 2010

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